What is Comic Book Pressing?

Comic Book PressingThe concept is it removes slight to major non-color-breaking defects in a comic book through non-restorative techniques in order to improve its appearance and its overall Grade. In my Years of Pressing books I HAVE NEVER received a Purple Label grade (restored) because of pressing.


Is It considered Restoration?: Major Grading Companies such as CGC and CBCS do not consider pressing to be restoration. CGC/CBCS also does not consider dry cleaning to be restoration. Dry cleaning’s main purpose is to remove dirt and/or pencil marks from a cover, particularly in the white areas. Dry cleaning does not remove tanning, stains, pen or marker, sun shadows or foxing.


What are some Defects to look for in a book?

Bends, Folds, Indents, Rolled Spine, Creases (that don't break color), Pencil Marks, Surface Dirt are all things that can be corrected with a good dry clean and press.


What are some things to stay away from?

COMIC BOOK PRESSING and Dry Cleaning CANNOT take care of Color Breaking Damage, Stains, Pen Marks, Fading, and most fingerprints.


The best thing you can do is ask questions! Please feel free to email me at anytime with your concerns.



Pre-Screening Service

Before we perform any service on your comic books, we pre-screen whether your books would be suitable candidates for pressing and/or dry cleaning. We will evaluate your submission(s) to determine which services will benefit your comics the most. The pre-screening fee is $1 per book and is included for free if we perform a press.  If we believe that your submission is not appropriate for pressing, then you will only pay the pre-screening fee, your book(s) will not be pressed and will either be returned to you or submitted for grading, if so designated.


Comic Pressing Service

Impressive Comic Books is an industry leader in comic book pressing, blending a polished proprietary process with first rate knowledge and experience. Gary Kendra has pressed thousands of comic books, ranging from some of the most valuable and sought-after issues all the way to some of the most rare and delicate types. Over the last couple years i have been contarcted out by major retailers and grading companies to help them complete large jobs in a timely fashion. 


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The History Behind Comic Book Pressing

Comic book pressing dates back to the beginning of comic book collecting. Simple techniques of pressing were used at the beginning, without any thought given to long term effects. By the 1980’s, comic book pressing became more refined, serving as part of the developing restoration process. In the 1990’s, solution-based cleaning also gained way into the pressing process. However, during the 2000’s, comic book grading companies, notably CGC, considered solution-based cleaning to be restoration. This led to comic book pressing as the sole method allowed on unrestored books. Our comic book pressing service has developed a process that maximizes the results and minimizes the risks.


Impressive Comic Books is a leader in professional comic book pressing. Our proprietary, multi-step process has been modified and enhanced through countless hours of research with practical experience gained from pressing thousands of comic books.


A big misunderstanding behind comic book pressing is that it is straightforward and that anybody can press a book only if s/he knew “the secrets or instructions” on how to do it. Unfortunately, this is the wrong way of thinking, which could lead to poor, ineffectual pressing that can adversely affect your comics. There are quite a few people who claim they can press comic books today who, in fact, have very little experience under their belt. Because of the myriad of variables involved with pressing Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Moderns, DC books vs. Marvel books, low grade or high grade, tanned pages, white pages, plus the numerous combination of defects—there is no straightforward way to press a comic book. It is imperative that you hire a professional who has invested the most time and effort into how to account for all these different variables to reassure that your books will attain their full potential.


Do You Offer Bulk Pressing Discounts?

Yes. We do offer discounts for bulk pressing. Please contact us for details.


Will Grading Companies Be Aware If My Books Have Been Pressed?

No. Grading companies will not be aware if a comic book is pressed, unless restoration techniques have also been performed on the book.


Will Multiple Pressings Damage My Comic?

There are various levels of pressing, ranging from spot pressing all the way to very aggressive processes. The more aggressive procedures can cause damage and overall limpness to a book...even with one pressing. Employing less aggressive techniques may not damage a book with one press, but multiple pressings using the same method can generate unfavorable results. We press to remove as many defects as possible, without causing the unwanted side effects that can negatively impact your books’ condition.


What Happens After I Submit My Comic Books For Pressing?

After you complete the Submission Form from our website, you will print the form and mail it with your comic books. If you have chosen our Pre-Screening Service, we will decide which comics are appropriate candidates for pressing. Those comics that are determined to be appropriate candidates will be pressed. If we feel that a book is not a candidate for pressing, you will only pay the pre-screening fee.


Once your comic books have been pressed, they will either be returned to you or be transferred to CGC or CBCS, if you have chosen the grading option. Once CGC or CBCS finishes grading your books, the slabbed comic books will be automatically shipped directly back to you. Nice and simple. We are here to make your life easy.

We are the Best Comic Book Pressing Service in all of the Fandoms Universe


*Click the link below for a Google Document Submission Form, then just include it with your comics.


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