ETERNALS #1 and other keys 


These Kirby Classics keep heating up with news of a Standalone Movie coming out ! The 70's stuff is all still crazy hot , New Gods , Mr. Miracle etc. Anybody see a theme ?



Eternals #1 on eBay !


ANYTHING VENOM ! or related 


If its Collectors , Dealers , or Online Retails .... they sent Venom last month. The Spidey main bad-guy hasn't slowed down and shows no signs of a cool down. With the movie coming and alot of hype surropunding it , Carnage as well just keeps on pouring in. 



Venom on eBay !

NEW GODS #1  ! 


The buzz about the New Gods coming to the big screen this past week has caused a surge of these Jack Kirby classics to come rolling in. Being directed by Ava DuVernay we could have another Wrinkle in time type hit to look forward to. 


NEW GODS #1 on eBay ! 

Is there any shock factor here ? #1 movie in the universe .... shattering records ... May cant come soon enough imo. Bring on Infinity WAR ! 



Black Panther #1 on eBay !


First Black Costume ! a classic that just keeps on chuggin along. there isnt a week that goes by where i dont see this book. Everything Venom and Black Suit is on fire and super wanted by collectors. 


ASM 252 on eBay !

Book : Amazing Spider-man #795 


BUZZ = Some Red Goblin thingie idk .... you be the judge selling outta the gate for 12-15 



ASM #795

Book : Amazing Spider-man #375 


Hot Venom vs. Spidy Cover ! The Venom Trailor has everyone snapping up books with this awesome anti-hero. 


Amazing spider-man #375 on eBay!

Book : Amazing Spider-man #300


There isnt a week that goes by where i dont press multiple copies of this book. The Venom movie Buzz may have made it so they are gonna keep flowing in ! This Book was always a classic and its just being cemented into comic lore now.


UPDATE : The Movie BUZZ and new Teaser has this puppy Hotter than EVER lock in a copy soon or forever be kicking yourself. 


Amazing Spider-man #300 on eBay!

Book : Iron Man #219 


1st Appearance of the Ghost ! Super Hot after the Ant Man and wasp Trailor ! These are great books to sell now before the movie hits , Villians Heat usually doesnt last after the movie releases. 


IRON MAN #219 on eBAY !


Book : Batman Adventures #12 


1st Appearance of Harley Quinn 


This book just keeps coming in and continues to hold at a decent price in all grades. 9.8's are still fetching $1600-$1700


BA #12 on eBay !

Book : Mister Miracle #1 


#1 , Hot series , Hot Cover , Hot writer its got everything going for it ! This series has also rejuvinated demand for the next book .... 



Mister Miracle #1 2017

Book : Mister Miracle #1 1971 


A undervalued Classic come to the forefront finally. This Kirby masterpeice is getting its due , higher grade copies are selling for moon money. 



Mister Miracle #1 1971

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