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My Amazing Spider-Man #300 was a 9.4 at best before Gary Pressed it. The grade does not lie, what an improvement it was! The Service was fast and he forwarded the book to CGC for me, saving me time and shipping costs.      

Richard H. - Google+ & Facebook. 

Gary was awesome to work with. I had never had a comic book pressed before and he walked me through the process every step of the way and answered all of my questions. Very professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone. 

Chris M.  - Google+ 


Gary's Pressing Service is like no other. The guy really can help improve the value and presentation of your book. I've trusted Gary with some of my most valuable books with no hesitation. As you can see by some of the grades on the books I've received back from CGC, he can perform wonders. The Fantastic Four 36 for example was a grade lower and he got it to 7.5. My Aquaman 35 easily improved at least half a grade and for that book, it means quite a lot. Gary has earned my trust and business. As they say on eBay - A++++++              

 Michael M. -Google+ 

More than happy with Garyʻs services, took my raw copies, did his magic, and BOOM!  Would recommend his services to anyone!  
Ben L. - Facebook and Google+


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  • Richard G. (Sunday, November 06 16 02:26 pm EST)

    I'll be honest - I haven't used Gary services as of yet, I have about 10+ Silver/Bronze Age key issues on-hand ready now but would like to submit all my comic books as a bulk order, and there are some other issues on my radar so I am really just trying to add some other key issues here and there to my collection before I move forward. BUT in saying that, I have been truly impressed with Gary's professionalism and courtesy thus far in which makes my decision to do business with him that much easier.

    In the past I have gone to the big names in the industry for my pressing needs, CGC/CBCS, but feel they get so much volume each month that your book really does not get the attention that it may need or deserves, it happens, and then here comes Gary - a one man team that truly CAN give your comics the service it deserves when it comes to pressing OR cleaning.

    Multiple presses? Who does not, not the big name companies out there I am sure, but Gary will, and will do it with care and professionalism as long as it benefits the comic book. His FB post and testimonials tell the story.

    I look forward to that day I visit my local post office with my shipment, I know it is right around the corner and will DEFINITELY post again with my results.

    In the meantime all I can say is keep on collecting -- as Gary told me one time through our numerous email exchanges -- "I'll always be here, I'm not going anywhere"... Indeed, that is good to know. Thank you -

  • Matt Day (Thursday, March 03 16 12:04 am EST)

    When I first got into having my books pressed, I sent some to a big name presser because they were cheaper and offered some light cleaning for free. At the same time Gary gave me one free press. I
    got the book back from Gary quickly and it was in amazing shape! This copy of Runaways 1 had shipping damage (major spine bends), but Gary did an amazing job.

    Many weeks later I received the books back from the other presser. While some looked improved, others looked like they hadn't even been pressed. Simple non-color breaking creases were still there.
    That would never happen with Gary.

    Gary will press multiple times to work out an issue so long as there is no risk to damaging the book. He's also turned some 9.0/9.2 books into 9.6 and 9.8 CGC graded books (NYX 3, Cap Marvel 17-2nd
    print - big value books). Even if its a few $$ more, go with Gary - you won't regret it.

  • Bill H (Tuesday, February 02 16 08:00 pm EST)

    Gary puts tremendous effort and obtains tremendous results with his work. I won't even go into how easy he is to work with and remains in constant communication. I can't recommend his work enough.

  • Bryan Saenz (Sunday, November 22 15 07:59 pm EST)

    I've known Gary for about a year. A couple months ago, I used his pressing services for the first time. The day my books arrived at his front door, he quickly was able to evaluate what could and
    couldn't be fixed. He inspects books thoroughly and is very responsive to all questions or concerns asked about books being sent.
    One of the main positives to using Gary's pressing services, is Gary's feedback from different communities.
    Cheap services for great work and quick turnaround rate and will walk you through your first time as a customer.
    I just sent him some books and can't wait to receive them back.

    I'll continue to use Gary's pressing services for all my books.

    Bryan Saenz= Google + and Facebook


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