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1) What is Comic Book Pressing ?

* It is a NON-restorative technique to improve the overall appearance and value of a book. 


2) What are some defects that can be fixed ?

* Bends, folds, indents and Creases that DO NOT break color. Waves, ripples & interior pages as well as some water damage can be corrected. 


3) What can be dry cleaned ?

* Surface dirt and pencil marks.

* Pen, Stains and most other Brown and tan colored stains or markings can not be cleaned. 


4) Is Pressing considered restoration ?

* NO Pressing and dry cleaning books is not considered resto by CGC or CBCS and is considered standard practice today before submitting your books for grading. 


5) How do you submit comics for pressing ?

* Print out a submission form from the sidebar link or from the top of the page " submission form" A hand written list can be used as long as it has all books being submitted and your contact info. 


6) Payment & Bulk submissions ? 

* Paypal payments to: asebullion@gmail.com

or checks to gary kendra ( payment is due after i review your order ) 

BULK DISCOUNTS @ 20+ books please email me for info.


7) Turnaround times and Before & After pics 

* Turnaround times are usually 3-4 weeks standard they can be quicker or slower depending on current work load. EMAIL ABOUT FAST TRACK !

* Before and after shots of your books are chosen by me unless requested ( i will usually do a couple per order and ask before i post on my website or Facebook Page. 


8) Can you forward books to CGC or CBCS ? 

* YES ! we are a CBCS authorized dealer and can pass along those savings to you as a client. CGC currently you need your account and your paperwork ! I am working to change this in 2018


9) Pack your Books SAFE ! 

* Please take the time to protect your comics by packing them safely ... if you need any tips feel free to email me gary@impressivecomicbooks.com



10) Do you press Square bound Books and Magazines ?

* YES ! we do square bound and glued spine books as well as larger sized Mags. 



*Click the link below for a Google Document Submission Form, then just include it with your comics.


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